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“We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our attendees on your presentation at the Management Clinic. Your presence on our program enabled us to not only meet but also exceed our commitment to offer our attendees a well-rounded program of green industry education and we are sincerely grateful for your participation.” ms, ANLA

“I just wanted to thank you for being my coach. I see such courage in you and really find that so powerful. You have amazing skills, talents, and energy that you generously share with so many people. You bring a smile to me fueling my fire for life.” tl, Garden Center owner.

“Thank you so much for the outstanding job you did in leading our 8 week leadership class. It rates up there on the top of my list as a ‘best class’. You are a natural leader with great facilitator skills. I really hated to see the class come to end as everyone received so much practical information and were able to improve their lives in many ways.” a.d. Professor CO State University.

Let’s get to the bottom line. Can coaching make a difference for me and my business?

Plain and simple, coaching helps smart people become exceptional leaders and managers.

Executive coaches work with people who need to get things done. If a coach can’t help you get something done— and done better— then that person doesn’t have a role in your organization. I’m willing to bet that another PowerPoint presentation isn’t going to make a difference for you in the long run. What will is the personal support of someone of who’s been in the trenches himself, someone who has fixed that problem and sold that product. If you’ve ever had a good athletic coach, you know firsthand what I mean. You know firsthand how your performance improved.

Executive coaches bring value to your company. By helping you solve problems and work smarter, a coach can add value to your operations, services, and products. You’ll gain access to proven techniques, case studies, training, and products to help you do your job better than ever before. Executive coaching can save you time, provide you with the tools you need, do the research and testing for you, and offer analysis, an outside view and expert help for specific situations.

If this idea is new to you, don’t worry. As your coach, my job is to stand alongside you and deliver what you need to thrive professionally and personally. What that look likes, well, that’s up to you. I start by listening. Together, we identify and move forward on the areas that make the most sense for you. The process is convenient and confidential— and respectful of your busy schedule. That’s why most coaching takes place by phone at scheduled times. Group coaching options are also available as teleseminars, workshops, or on-site work with your team.

Think of it as having a mentor, cheerleader, teacher, good conscience, and trusted friend all rolled into one.

You don’t need to take my word for it, or even the word of my satisfied clients. If you’re thinking about giving coaching a try, I’ll tell you upfront that I stand behind what I do. That’s why I believe in offering a free headstart to see if coaching makes sense for you.

“You helped me understand my environment and what it was doing to me—
then helped me change that environment to one that helps everyone.”

“The lights really come on when Roger gets his hand on the switch.”

“I’m learning to listen as intently as you do with me. Man,
what a good feeling that is!”


Are you ready for a meaningful discussion with someone who cares about your success? There’s no stopwatch on this call because it’s important to know that we can work together. I’d like to know from you which concerns, goals, projects, or achievements are impacting your job or life right now. I’m sure you have questions for me, too.

My experience says that it won’t take long for both of us to know that we can work together (or not). If you’re not satisfied with your introductory session, you don’t have to pay me. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Send an email to me at roger@rogerheins.com or call me at 970 460 8607 / 970 204 1733. I’d love to talk with you about your goals.


HortiCoach Programs

Green Industry Business Coach, Individual and Groups programs available

  • MasterMind peer groups- program is designed to leverage the years of experience that we can bring when 10 professionals get together with a focused agenda and professional facilitator in the industry
  • Business Coaching and mentoring program
  • Individually tailored coaching to executives, managers, and supervisors

Our Seminars, & Workshops, for 2018

  • Build Your People, Build Your Business
  • Becoming an Excellent Manager
  • Setting Horticulture Business Strategy: The Tools You Need to Make Your Business the Best it Can Be

Industry Education Workshops

  • Horticulture Industry Presentations: Seminars, Workshops, Demonstrations
  • Roses Are Us:  Rose Breeding, Growing, and Marketing
  • Selection and Growing Roses
  • Myths and Tips for Growing Garden Roses
  • Cut Flowers For and From  Your Garden
  • Growing a Cut Flower Garden




Is your company’s performance all that it could be?

Are you ready to attract far more business than you need?

Do you need to know how to find, hire, train and keep the best people out there?

Are you interested in delivering the kind of service that creates customers for life?

For years, it was possible to run a profitable horticulture organization based on the business plan of “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” But that’s just not true anymore.

Green industry businesses— from growers to retail operations— are under more pressure than ever before. Sure, the industry is growing, but so are government regulations, competition from big box stores, the cost of transportation, and the shortage of skilled and non-skilled labor.

Smart executives are waking up to that.

If you’re not attracting enough customers to your business, the reason is simple. You’re not doing the right things for today’s marketplace. It’s the same with getting the best performance out of your people. So much of what we call management in the horticulture industry consists in making it difficult for our people to do their jobs!
Sometimes, we just need to do things differently.

My organization, RG Heins & Associates, can help your business get off the treadmill of quick fixes and old-style thinking and into high gear. From getting strategic about your marketing to creating sustainable performance, we’re here to help.   Our recent and current clients included horticulture industry leading companies in Missouri, Connecticut, Virginia, Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon, Iowa, Illinois, New Jersey, Arizona, New York, Montana, Wyoming, Ohio, Kentucky and Minnesota.  Time and growing zones do not affect our capabilities!


What’s on your mind? Contact me today to talk about how we can get your business moving in the right direction. Send an email to me at roger@rogerheins.com or call me at 970 460 8607 / 970 204 1733.

The first three months on the job is make-or-break time

When a business supports its new hires and promoted staff during this critical period, it sees vastly different results than the businesses that leave people to fend for themselves. Yet owners and other senior people tell me all the time that they just don’t have the time to devote to this crucial task. That’s why I’m creating a new Managers-in-Transition program.

This 3-to-6 month coaching program helps new managers get their feet under them, understand their new role, and become productive and effective team members— all without taxing the time of the higher-ups.


It’s what you know… and who you know.

One of the things I most love about working in the green industry is the sharing of great ideas. Part of my role as an executive coaching consultant is to bring together parties that can help each other, whether that means finding a needed product or service or helping to facilitate a new business relationship. I’ll be sharing resources here, so be sure to check back often.

I’m open to sharing my perspective and advice on marketing and managing in our industry. Have a burning issue in your company that you’d like to see addressed? Let me know! I have experienced and talented associates that are open and willing to discussing many issues, from brand building to customer service technology.  Any business in the horticulture industry can benefit from the wealth and knowledge that is available through RGHeins and Associates.

Business-building articles.  I’m willing to provide you an outline of any of my presentations.  The most requested covers the: 22 Proven Practices to Become an Excellent Manager.  Contact me and I will send it to you.  No  obligations.  I promise!

Need to work on or revitalize your brand?  I have an associate that is among the best.  They don’t advertise; they don’t need to. Every one I’ve referred to them have been ecstatic with their results.       www.cerealagency.com

Looking for a newsletter, website, or blog to promote and support your business.  I work regularly with an excellent experienced and proven green industry group.  They can bring your communications to the top! www.gardencenternews.com

What’s challenging you right now?  What are you going to do about it?  At the very least, share your concerns with me and in the strictest of confidence I’ll give you some ideas to explore.                                                           roger@rogerheins.com


Media & Meeting Planners



Roger HeinsRoger Heins
Coaching, consulting and connecting the green industry

Roger understands the challenges and opportunities of working in the green industry. That’s why his seminars aren’t filled with run-of-the-mill business expertise, they’re chock full of targeted and practical advice that people can take home and put to work in their own operations. After 40 years in the trenches, he’s also got plenty of stories to share that drive this advice home.

He’s presented to audiences at the Pennsylvania Nursery and Landscape Association, the Southeast Greenhouse Association, Mail Order Gardening Association, Bedding Plant, Inc., at ANLA Management Clinics (5x), ProGreen (3x), Perennial Plant Assoc., Denver Rose Society, CO State University Extension, Master Gardener groups (6x), High Plains Landscape Workshop, Botanic Gardens, including, Denver, Treasure Island (2x), and Gardens on Spring Creek (3x), and numerous garden centers, plant societies, garden clubs, and service organizations.

Recognized by ANLA, Garden Writers (5x), Catalog Age (3x), Mail Order Garden Association and the  industry trade press as an innovative marketer and having taken horticulture companies to new levels of performance, Roger has a successful industry track record that proves he knows what he’s talking about.

Roger’s most popular seminar topics

  • Managers In Transition
  • Build Your People, Build Your Business
  • The Marketing Game
  • Effective Management Principles for the Green Industry
  • Setting Horticulture Business Strategy


Contact Roger
Email: roger@rogerheins.com
Phone: 970 460 8607 / 970 204 1733


  • The man who taught the class on growing and selecting roses was phenomenal. He was just great! He knows so much! What a resource he is!

  • Excellent teacher. Will go again next year.

  • Highly knowledgeable, very motivated and passionate about the topic. I know nothing about roses. I learned terminology, fertilization pointers, myths, facts and to enjoy roses.

  • He was excellent!

  • The man who taught the class on growing and selecting roses was phenomenal. He was just great! He knows so much! What a resource he is!

  • Excellent teacher. Will go again next year.

  • Highly knowledgeable, very motivated and passionate about the topic. I know nothing about roses. I learned terminology, fertilization pointers, myths, facts and to enjoy roses.

  • He was excellent!


I couldn’t have asked for a better boss, coach, and mentor. Roger Heins has an immense amount of knowledge and talent. But even more commendable, Roger truly cares about those he leads and coaches. He is a developer of people and I cannot thank him enough for his dedicated leadership. J.O.

Roger’s leadership and insights in marketing were a key element to the success of Etera. Over the course of the constantly changing Etera, his vision of marketing was a rare stablizing and critical element. Always a pleasure to work with and a truely great communicator, anyone would be fortunate to work with Roger. B.M

Roger is an exceptional example of a marketer who raises the bar for brands by casting a strategic vision and relentlessly pursuing the most creative and engaging solutions to make it work. His extensive background and enthusiastic approach as Senior Marketing Director at Group made working for him as a client an exciting and eye-opening experience. There are few clients who I have admired as much as Roger Heins, and it has truly been an honor to soak in his example as a marketer, a team leader, a thought-challenger, a client and as a friend. At his core, Roger is a phenomenal creative problem solver who would be a valuable asset on any marketing initiative. D.G.




About Us

rogerheinsDon’t spend another day worrying about your business.

Are you spending too many hours at work with too little to show for it?
Wondering how to get more customers without spending a fortune?
Looking for a business expert who really gets what your business is all about?
Ready to move up in your organization— or move others up— and fast?
Wishing you had a sounding board to bounce ideas off before you take action?
Tired of playing firefighter at work instead of moving your big ideas forward?

Today’s business environment is challenging for the even the most skilled managers out there. Times really have changed.

Whether it’s getting a handle on your marketing so you can develop strategies and programs that actually get you results, or just dealing with the practical day-to-day operations, sometimes it can seem like there’s an obstacle around every corner.

rogerheinsIt can be hard to find good people. Once you’ve managed to find a few of them, you’re hoping they catch on quick because who’s got the extra time to spend holding their hands? You’ve got a business to run. And if you’re dealing with turning around a problem organization, well, chances are, you’ve got bigger fish to fry: the very structure and finances of your business are at stake.

So many retailers and distributors and salespeople are working harder, but how many of us really like the idea of sacrificing a satisfying family or personal life in order to succeed in this business? The good news is that there’s no reason that it has to be that way.

I’m Roger Heins, and I know what it’s like to stand in your shoes because I’ve worn plenty of pairs just like them during my 25-plus years working in the green industry.Roger Heins

Through hard work and experience, I’ve learned to tell the difference between what just sounds good and what actually works— right here, right now for businesses like yours: growers, garden centers, nurseries, distributors, and landscape design businesses.

Our business really IS different, and I’ve dedicated my career to bringing innovative ideas and practical results to businesses in the green industry. Why? Because I care about our industry and I care about the people who work in it. I love seeing us all succeed. I’m in business to help you become the exceptional employee, manager, leader, or businessperson that you desire to be.

If you’re ready to think differently about how you’re doing business, we should talk.










Roger Heins:

B.S. Agriculture and Economics,  Missouri University

M.S. Animal and Plant Genetics,  Missouri University

Certified Executive Coach,  Coach Training Institute

Certified Colorado Gardener and Master Gardener, CO State University Extension


ExperienceRGHeins & Associates

President and Head Coach

RGHeins & Associates

2004 – Present

Executive Coach and Business Consultant. Workshop facilitator in business management, planning, coaching, and marketing. Business resource connector for the agriculture and horticulture industry. Keynote speaker for: Boy Scouts, Future Farmers of American, Management Clinics, Church Organizations, Youth Groups, Service Clubs, Horticulture and Gardening organizations.
Present/facilitate Management Workshops and Seminars.

Senior Marketing Director

Group’s Church Volunteer Central

Jun 2007 – Dec 2009

Church Volunteer Central is the largest Association of volunteers in the world. Serving churches of all denominations with resources and products to help them lead the volunteers in their church. Provides training, assessments, background checks, recognition, and equipping services and support through full time staff of professional consultants, coaches, and online resource

Senior Vice President, Marketing


1998 – 2003

Etera Products for Gardens. Leading edge producer of patented growing process perennials.

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Bear Creek Gardens/ Jackson & Perkins Roses

1993 – 1998

Oldest and largest producer of patented roses; Jackson & Perkins Roses. Marketed and sold via direct mail catalog, telesales, and field sales representatives. Award winning catalog


Chief Operating Officer

Smart Practice 

1989 – 1993

Major supplier of managing and marketing supplies for Dental, Medical, and Veterniary practices. From exam/surgical gloves to personalize reminder cards. Sold via award winning catalogs and telesales team


Animedics International / Keystone Agri-Products

1981 – 1989

Fort Collins, Colorado Area


Y-Tex Corporation

1979 – 1981

Cody, W

Heins John Deere Equipment Cos (6)

Co-Owner and Manager

Heins John Deere Equipment Cos (6)

1973 – 1979

6 locations in East Texas

Division Manager, Retail Store Manager, Territory Manager

Deere & Co

Texas, Montana, Minnesota

United States Navy, LCDR


Contact Us


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Roger Heins is an experienced, trusted and, reliable resource for business management education and problem-solving in the green industry. An executive business coach with 40-plus years of business experience at all levels, including ownership, Roger understands successful business practice. With 28 of those coming from hands-on horticulture work, he’s uniquely qualified to provide realistic and results-oriented coaching and consulting at any level of a horticulture business.

In addition to one-to-one coaching and organizational consulting, Roger provides hands-on training in all aspects of business management and strategic planning.  He provides workshops, seminars, and educational materials that can bring horticulture business up to speed on the latest techniques and practices in running a profitable business

He’s presented to audiences at the Pennsylvania Nursery and Landscape Association, the Southeast Greenhouse Association, Mail Order Gardening Association, Bedding Plant, Inc., at ANLA Management Clinics (5x), ProGreen Denver (3x), Perennial Plant Assoc., Denver Rose Society, CO State University Extension (5x). Master Gardner groups, and Botanic Gardens,

Recognized by ANLA, Garden Writers, Catalog Age, Mail Order Garden Association, and industry trade press as an innovative marketer and having taken horticulture companies to new levels of performance, Roger has a successful industry track record that proves he knows what he’s talking about.

Roger is an expert at helping green industry managers:

  • Create a results-oriented marketing strategy for their business
  • Step up the performance of managers and managers-to-be
  • Identify what’s not working in their organization and fix it                                                                                                                           
  • Use coaching skills to lead their organization and build their people
  • Become more organized, more productive and more inspired
  • Balance a successful career with fulfilling personal and community commitments