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Business consulting for the green industry

Is your company’s performance all that it could be?

Are you ready to attract far more business than you need?

Do you need to know how to find, hire, train and keep the best people out there?

Are you interested in delivering the kind of service that creates customers for life?

For years, it was possible to run a profitable horticulture organization based on the business plan of “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” But that’s just not true anymore.

Green industry businesses— from growers to retail operations— are under more pressure than ever before. Sure, the industry is growing, but so are government regulations, competition from big box stores, the cost of transportation, and the shortage of skilled and non-skilled labor.

Smart executives are waking up to that.

If you’re not attracting enough customers to your business, the reason is simple. You’re not doing the right things for today’s marketplace. It’s the same with getting the best performance out of your people. So much of what we call management in the horticulture industry consists in making it difficult for our people to do their jobs!
Sometimes, we just need to do things differently.

My organization, RG Heins & Associates, can help your business get off the treadmill of quick fixes and old-style thinking and into high gear. From getting strategic about your marketing to creating sustainable performance, we’re here to help.


What’s on your mind? Contact me today to talk about how we can get your business moving in the right direction. Send an email to me at roger@rogerheins.com or call me at 970.226.8588.

The first three months on the job is make-or-break time

When a business supports its new hires and promoted staff during this critical period, it sees vastly different results than the businesses that leave people to fend for themselves. Yet owners and other senior people tell me all the time that they just don’t have the time to devote to this crucial task. That’s why I’m creating a new Managers-in-Transition program.

This 3-to-6 month coaching program helps new managers get their feet under them, understand their new role, and become productive and effective team members— all without taxing the time of the higher-ups.


To be one of the first to learn more about this valuable program as soon as it’s released, sign up here:

Roger G. Heins,