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Performance Agreement

From “Build Your People Build Your Business”, a seminar and workshop conducted by Roger Heins of RGHeins and Associates, LLC

A sample Performance Agreement is presented below.  Designate the Key Result Area the Employee is directed to perform in.  Then establish the time line for the KRA.  Together with the employees input and participation and your guiding insight, develop up to four Objectives to be measured.  That should follow the SMART method for establishing Objectives (goals).  They must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic (and Relevant to the KRA, and in Relationship to the company and department’s mission), and finally Time bound ( when do you expect this objective to be reviewed and completed).  

Proactively Manage the Performance Agreement

  • Once you have developed and written a Performance Agreement begin immediately to monitor and manage its implementation.


  1. Commit to managing your people by walking around (MBWA)
  2. Tell your employees you will be observing them and giving feedback.  Give immediate feedback
  3. Praise people immediately when you see them doing something right
  4. Be specific.  Tell them exactly what they did right
  5. Be specific about what a person did wrong.  Focus on the action and not the person
  6. Never give a reprimand based on hearsay
  7. Reaffirm that you value the person for his or her contributions
  8. Tell them how much you appreciate what they did and what it means to the organization
  9. Encourage them to keep up the good work
  10. Track employee results through data and reports as well

Guidelines for Reviewing the Performance Agreement


  1. Refer to the Agreement to know when you will conducting a review
  2. Review progress toward achievement of results using the Get-Give-Merge-Go details from the Agreement
  3. Give praise and corrective feedback as appropriate
  4. Negotiate and sign a new Performance Agreement
  5. Deliver any good news you can about new plans and strategies in the Company
  6. Communicate how much you value the employee’s contribution



Date:  _________________________

To:     ________________________________________________________________

From:  ________________________________________________________________

Within the period:  ___________________________ the following will be accomplished:


Key Result Area_______________________________________________________

OBJECTIVES:                                                                                                                       DATE
___________________________________________________________      _____
___________________________________________________________      _____
___________________________________________________________      _____
___________________________________________________________      _____


Key Result Area: _______________________________________________________

OBJECTIVES:                                                                                                                       DATE
___________________________________________________________      _____
___________________________________________________________      _____
___________________________________________________________      _____
___________________________________________________________      _____


Key Result Area:  ________________________________________________________

OBJECTIVES:                                                                                                                       DATE
___________________________________________________________      _____
___________________________________________________________      _____
___________________________________________________________      _____
___________________________________________________________      _____


Progress toward these objectives will be reviewed at weekly meetings.

I understand that meeting these objectives will be the most significant factor in my performance evaluation and compensation.

Employee’s Signature ________________________________________date: ________

Manager’s Signature  _________________________________________date ________



Roger G. Heins,