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I’ve just returned from a busy travel schedule that included appearances at several green industry events. I wanted to tell you personally about the one thing that, everywhere I went, had people talking. I mentioned it briefly in the Build Your People, Build Your Business Workshop. Maybe you recall Master Mind Groups? Business guru and author Jack Canfield recommends them in his most recent book, The Success Principals. Well, I’m excited to be facilitating these groups for green industry professionals because I know from experience that they can really propel your business growth.

The Master Mind Groups that I organize are specifically designed for the needs of green industry business owners and managers. Each group is made up of between 8-12 members from similar positions within the green industry, each from different physical locations. You can rest assured that you would not be Master Minding with your direct competitors. This is a safe environment to explore important business issues. My priority is to match those who can relate well to each others’ business challenges and offer the valuable input that makes these groups so worthwhile.

In a Master Mind Group, you’ll meet people like you. At a given time, your specific priorities may be different— increasing sales volume, managing employees, coaching, finding the right organizational structure, growing your physical size, heading off new competition or retaining customers. You may work for different size organizations in different parts of the country. But one thing is clear: you’re all facing the same larger issues in your business and you have expertise to share. Your Master Mind Group members have plenty of experience— both positive and negative— that could hold the answers to your questions, or save you time and money. And they’re ready to support you in learning new ways and ideas to manage and build your people, grow your sales, reduce your expenses, beat the competition and grow your businesses. It’s like having a team of insiders right at your disposal.

I have been organizing Master Mind Groups for several years, and it always excites me to see the unique energy generated by each group as they get excited about each other’s success.  Part of the fun for me is that I get to see this process firsthand because I don’t leave you to figure out how to “make this thing work” on your own. For the first three months, I provide each Master Mind Group with personal attention. I’ll get the group organized, provide expert presentations on topics of interest to the group members, keep online and telephone communications flowing, facilitate regular meetings, and provide supporting information and materials that you can use in your business. In other words, I will personally make sure that you’re getting a lot of value from the group.

Of course, a successful Master Mind group requires that every member make a commitment to its success. That’s why every member agrees to participate in the group for a minimum of three months. You’ll meet in 12 teleconferences of 60 to 90 minutes each over a three-month period. After the three months is up, most groups are eager to continue on, and some retain my help as a facilitator. Others are ready to “go it alone.”

What’s more, other members of your team can benefit from your participation in a Master Mind Group. As a bonus, you can have one other member of your firm join us on the calls at your discretion (just please be sure that both of you call in from a handheld land line phone as speaker phones and cell phones will not work). Agendas of each meeting will be emailed to you prior to each teleconference so that you can decide when it makes sense to include one of your top people on the call.

Currently, I am taking registrations for new Master Mind groups in six business categories:

  • Landscape Design and Build
  • Independent Garden Centers
  • Landscape Distributors
  • Growers
  • Nurseries
  • Horticulture Sales Representatives

Your investment for this three-month Master Mind trial is just $247.  Your only other expense is for any long-distance charges you may incur when calling in to the group’s conference line. 

If you are interested in joining one of my facilitated Master Mind Groups, I invite you to contact me at your earliest convenience. If you know a colleague who could benefit from this experience, please pass this information along to them. If they join one of my Groups I will credit your account $50 for everyone that signs up.

These groups are proving to be highly popular and are filling up fast. I’ll need to know when you would be available to begin and which day of the week and time of day works best for you to meet in order to match you with a group that best meets your needs.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how you can benefit from joining a Master Mind Group, please call or email me . I look forward to helping you— and your business— experience the benefits of one of these dynamic groups! 




P.S.  I  post comments from the Build Your People, Build Your Business Workshops that I conduct on the Green Industry Forum every week.  Check it out at: www.greenexecutives.com.There is no cost, but a few minutes of your time to use this Forum.


Roger G. Heins,